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Australian GST Calculator
Calculate price ex GST and GST amount.

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To add GST to a price use the Add GST calculator.

The Australian GST Calculator is a handy calculator when you need to determine the GST amount and the ex GST price. Situations where the Australian GST Calculator can be useful are when recording business purchases, or determining retail pricing. The Australian GST Calculator rounds the fraction of a cent GST amount up if greater than 0.5 cent, otherwise the amount is rounded down to the nearest cent.

The Australian GST Calculator can run on mobile or desktop devices.

The Australian GST Calculator has two functions.

  1. Determine the GST amount and ex GST price from a GST inclusive price.
  2. Add GST to a GST exclusive price to obtain the GST inclusive price.
The first function is found on this page of the Australian GST Calculator. The second function can be accessed using the link from the menu or the link Add GST calculator.



Australian GST Calculator

GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. The GST is the tax which is part of the price which is included by retailers when consumers buy products and services. The Australian GST Calculator enables you to calculate the GST.


Enter the price which includes the GST.

GST % 

The GST % is currently set at 10 per cent. Should the GST rate change the Australian GST Calculator will be updated to the current rate.

GST Amount 

The GST Amount is the GST which is the tax component. The GST is rounded up to the nearest cent if the GST amount is 0.5 cents or higher, otherwise the Australian GST Calculator rounds the GST amount down.

Price ex GST 

The Price ex GST excludes the GST amount.

Interesting GST tips

  • This article from the ATO site indicates GST should be rounded up to the nearest cent if the GST fraction portion is 0.5 cents or higher, otherwise it should be rounded down. The Australian GST Calculator conforms to the ATO rounding guidance.

  • Add Australian GST Calculator to your mobile's Home screen for a convenient GST calculator. Both Android and Apple mobiles enable you to add web sites to your Home screen. The Australian GST Calculator has been designed to work well on mobile devices.


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